About Us

About StandoutWriter.com

StandoutWriter.com is a growing team of freelance writers who are poised to helping online business owners and webmasters to create valuable content to publish on their websites or blogs and for content marketing campaigns in order to add leads, sales and profits to their businesses for mutually beneficial relationship.

As freelance content writers from multi-disciplinary fields, we understand the importance of research, information gathering, writing, editing and proofreading when we’re creating content for our clients. We also don’t play down on plagiarism because of possible litigations that may arise against potential clients in the course of doing business online. As freelance writers at StandoutWriter.com, we’re willing and able to work with you without friction and we will exceed your expectations in quality content delivery.

To this end, we’re all out to give you the best value for your money!

About Oseremen Aigbokhae

Mr. Oseremen Aigbokhae is the CEO/Founder of StandoutWriter.com. He has strong background in accounting, finance and business management. As a business owner himself, he knows what it takes to start and run a successful online business on a budget.

To add to his passion for writing and blogging, he has a knack for digital marketing which is an added advantage to his freelance writing business. Partnering with you as your digital content writer and marketer, you’re rest assured that you’ll be able to take your web business to the next level of getting free targeted traffic to your blog or website.

About Mrs. Georgenia Aigbokhae

Mrs. Georgenia Aigbokhae is the Operation Directress of StandoutWriter.com. She is in charge of Operations and Logistics of the business. As a freelance writer herself, she writes when she is less busy with her main assignments.