Thursday, October 10, 2019

Grammarly Review - An Online Grammar Checker

In this blog post, I’m not only publishing Grammarly review for your reading pleasure but also to expose you to the importance of writing error-free content for your intended audience. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a native English speaker or writer; everyone is prone to mistakes and errors though the magnitude of mistakes may differ from person to person. 

And if your goal is to provide your readers with quality content, the onus is on you to take a step further to edit and proofread your writings manually or with the use of software such as Grammarly.

While it’s quite possible to manually correct your written work for glaring errors, I can guarantee that you are bound to skip hidden spelling and grammatical mistakes for obvious reasons. First, reading your writing will always flow with your thought.  

Even if you hand it over to your family and friends to proofread and edit for you, I can also assure you that they may not be thorough in their work because they are not professional proofreaders or editors who will bring critical minds to the table. Everyone can make mistakes if absolute care is not taken to make your writing free from errors.

It’s even worse in this era of the internet where newly coined words are surfacing by the day with careless abandon. These words have not been officially anglicized and recognized. You cannot find these words anywhere except on the World Wide Web. 

Using online grammar tool like Grammarly will not only help you to be mindful of English usage but will intuitively train you to know how to properly use words in context. The software has built-in grammar checker as well as plagiarism checker.

If you’re concerned about sentence structure, syntax, writing style, spelling and grammatical mistakes in your content, it’s very important you consider getting this online grammar checker with explanation. It’s for everyone even if you’re a native English writer or English is your lingua franca. You need it more if English is your second language because every culture has the tendency to weave their unique colloquial into foreign languages.  

With that said, let me briefly go through this Grammarly review; but if you’re in a hurry and want to go to Grammarly official website, click here now to do so.

As a freelance writer, I needed one of the best online grammar checkers to help me come up with content free from common grammar mistakes, errors and disheveled sentence structure. This is the only way to reduce communication gap between my clients and their target readers. Fortunately, I stumbled upon Grammarly online grammar check tool.

On a closer look, I discovered unique features in the software which every writer or author needs to correct and produce near-perfect articles, blog posts, essays, theses, ebooks, white papers, and so on. In my humble opinion, this correction tool is priceless for the work it is doing.

The other day I bought and downloaded an ebook from an internet marketer on a subject I wanted to know more about. The sales copy was okay as it was free from common grammatical mistakes. With the benefit of hindsight, I believe the internet marketer cum merchant must have hired a copywriter to ghostwrite the landing page.

But this is where I’m going. After I’ve downloaded and read the first few pages of the electronic book, I’ve no choice than to give up on reading the e-book and ask for refund. Certainly, the author or ebook writer is not a native English writer; that is okay. But he is also not a good writer by any stretch of the imagination with poor grasp of the English language and usage.

In such circumstances, he needed Grammarly software to do the hard work of correcting his spelling and grammatical mistakes to the barest minimum. If you want your target audience to be engaged with your content, I strongly recommend that you get Grammarly from this link and put it to test. It has the free version for you to test the waters in your next article writing exercise before you hit the publish button.