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How to Start Your Own Business Online

how to start your own business online
Do you want to learn how to start your own business online? Do you desire to earn money online with little investment? Let me assure you right away that it’s possible to make a living on the internet if you’ve valuable product, service or information to share with a targeted group of people who are interested and in need of it. In this blog post and other series that follow, I’ll teach and walk you through every step you’ve to take to succeed with your online business ideas.

First, you’ve to prepare yourself for the hard work ahead. Building your first and second business websites will involve a lot of hard work and learning. Frankly speaking, there is no easy route to legitimate wealth and riches anywhere in the world. Whoever will promise you otherwise is a con artist or fraudster waiting to prey on you! You must be ready and willing to pay it forward before you get rewarded in the end.

Unfortunately, this is where lots of aspiring entrepreneurs fail to understand that doing business and making money online is not all about get-rich-quick schemes. There is no one-click button to riches on the internet or anywhere else. Or, at least, not the one I know! You’ve to work and create value for others before you get paid.

Yes, it’s far better and cheaper to start an online business than starting a brick-and-mortar business. With less than $150 startup costs, you can start full-fledged and profitable business from home on the internet and be fine. However, you’ll require requisite knowledge and skills to tie everything together seamlessly and succeed.

Side Note: If you’re working with a tight budget and don’t have $150 to start an online business immediately, you can get a copy of my ebook titled, “The Legitimate Online Millionaire Blogger.” It’s a comprehensive course on how to start a blog with little investment and earn money online in 90 days or less guaranteed. 

With that said, let’s take it one step at a time to explain everything you need to know to start making money on the internet.

Step #1: Find a Business Idea to Start With

This is the starting point and foundation of your business success. If you fail to get it right at this stage, you’ll continue to struggle without getting any result. There are 1,001 online business opportunities out there that you can start with but I’ll advise you to consider your skills and talents in line with what you’re deciding to do. A lot of beginning internet entrepreneurs starts with affiliate marketing business but you must not follow suit if it‘s not your forte.

There are other online business models including freelance writing, domain investing, coaching or mentoring, writing and selling ebooks, freelance business, building forum or membership site around your expertise, and so on. Take the time to do your research and due diligence so that you’ll be convinced of what you want to start with and make money on the internet.

Basically, there are two ways to decide the type of business you should start with. Firstly, you can start a business where you have passion or interest. This can be your hobby, experience, knowledge, interest, training, tutelage, and so on. The only task you have to perform here is to test if the business idea is commercially viable on the World Wide Web before starting with it.

For example, if you’ve experience in music or you’re passionate about it, you can start with that business idea after conducting keyword and market research for commercial viability. There are free and paid online business tools to conduct this research including keyword research tools, forums, surveys, questionnaires, etc.

The second option is to “follow the money.” This is when your primary concern is the commercial viability of a business idea before you go for it. It doesn’t matter whether it is your area of specialization or not. Your goal is to do whatever it takes and is possible to build a website or start a blog around your topic or subject and adequately monetize it. You can either learn the subject by reading extensively or simply outsource content writing to freelance writers. It’s your call!     

In our online business newsletter, I regularly discuss and explain to our email list subscribers my personal experience with every internet business I’ve ventured into. I release free case studies from time to time including my successes and failures on every internet business opportunity. It’s your first hand business success guide which you cannot afford to ignore or miss.  

In this blog article, I’ll use affiliate marketing business as an example to demonstrate how to make money on the internet in 90 days or less. Stay with me and you’ll be glad you did!

Step #2: Decide on a Niche to Focus on

It doesn’t matter the type of online business model you’ve decided to start with, you’ve to find a niche market to target. The idea here is for you to narrow down and focus your efforts on doing something you enjoy and are good at. You cannot be here and there and expect to succeed.

What then is a niche? Simply put, a niche is a smaller or mini part of a big market. For example, “general health” is a big market to look at right away. But if we narrow it down, we can consider “women’s health” as a niche. I can even dig deeper to focus more on “women with acne” or “women with acne during pregnancy” and start an online business by writing, teaching and promoting content around that subject topic. It is as simple as that!

As an online business owner or webmaster, you’ll do well if you start focusing and working in niche markets until you’ve a good grasp of digital marketing inside out. You can use this system to start affiliate marketing business, build Google Adsense websites or create landing pages to sell your own products and services. It depends on what you like to do in order to earn money online.

Because I’m teaching you how to start your own business online, I’ll concentrate on “make money online” niche to drive home my point. You can use the same process to build your business around any blog website idea. There is nothing complicated about this process if you follow my tutorial to a Tee.

Some obvious niche markets include:
-Health & Fitness
-Personal Development
-Jobs & Employments
-Home & Garden
-Green Products

Let’s take an example with the “investing” market. You can launch a blog focusing on “stock investing” and then “penny stocks investing” as your niche i.e. Investing>>Stock Investing>>Penny Stock Investing. As a penny stock blogger, you may want to target keyword phrases such as:

-How to buy penny stocks
-How to buy penny stocks without a broker
-Where to buy penny stocks
-List of penny stocks
-Penny stocks to buy

I discovered the above list of search terms from launching the free Google Keyword Planner tool in my Google Ads account.

Step #3: Conduct Keyword Research

This step involves using keyword research tool to uncover search queries which your target audience is entering into search engines to find their desired products, services or information from the web. These types of keyword phrases are what you’ll create unique content around.

It will not make any sense to start a blog and publish articles on it with vague key phrases which no one is looking for. You’ve to focus on words which online shoppers and information seekers are actively typing into or other popular search engines if your aim is to get free targeted traffic on a continuous basis.

For the make money online niche, you may want to look out for additional keywords such as:
-Earn money online
-Work from home jobs
- Best way to make money online
-Make money from home
-Ways to make money from home

I used the free Google Keyword Planner tool to find these search terms in a matter of minutes and you can even target specific countries or cities in your research if you like. For a start, aim at targeting 10 to 20 long tail keyword phrases. You don’t have to go for overly competitive keywords because you may never rank for them at any time soon.

But be sure each keyword has an average monthly search volume of at least 1,000 and above and the competition is surmountable so that you can reasonably rank on positions 1 to 3 of page one of

Step #4: Register a Domain Name

This step is the simplest where you’ve to register a domain name with your target keyword in the URL (universal resource locator). These days, it is difficult finding available exact match domain to register except you’re lucky to grab one from expired domains list. However, you can easily get an available domain name by adding a descriptive word as prefix or suffix to the keyword.

Just recently I agreed to partner with my spouse to register a domain name and use it to create a blog to teach our intending target audience how to start a business from home and make money. But because I needed a short and easy to remember domain, I’ve to settle for a business keyword. Clearly, my target keyword is “business” but I’ve to include a suffix in order to find an available name.

In my earlier penny stocks example, you may buy a domain like or if they are available to hand register. All I did was to add “hub” and “now” to the keyword phrase “penny stocks.”

Personally, I like to separate my domain name registration from my web hosting company. So, I mainly use to register my domains and to buy website hosting services. offers cheap domain name registration and provides excellent hosting services that are unbeatable at the moment.    

Step #5: Buy Web Hosting

Website hosting is the kernel of every successful online business. From the beginning, you’ve to go for reliable web hosting so that your blog or website will be alive and live 24/7. There are many website hosting companies around but I make use of for their reliability, excellent customer support team and 99.9 percent uptime guarantee.

If you wish to sign up right away, you can also get free domain name when buying web hosting services from them. All you have to do is to make use of HostGator coupon code in bold, BUSINESSDOER, to get discount from your hosting fees. Simply type, BUSINESSDOER, in the coupon code field and click the apply button to reflect your discount.

HostGator web hosting
I’ll advise you to subscribe to the HostGator Baby Plan which will enable you to host unlimited domain names on the same account. This will be great when your online businesses start growing and expanding. Better yet, you’re only paying $3.95 per month hosting fees to host as many domain names you are registering for your businesses.

If you buy a domain name and purchase web hosting, the next step is to install self-hosted WordPress blog on your domain which is free to do. Your HostGator web hosting account dashboard will make it easy to create a blog for free. In my next post, I’ll explain the basic tasks you’ve to complete in this step. You can bookmark this blog so that you don’t miss the blog installation tutorial. You’ll succeed!       

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